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March 11, 2007

(شُجَاعٌ) – Shuja_’un – Arabic Word A Day

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(شُجَاعٌ) – Shuja_’un – noun, pl. shuj’a_n (شُجْعَان)


  1. brave
  2. valiant
  3. bold
  4. hero
  5. a snake


  1. Shuja_’un ka ‘l-asad – (شجاع كالأسد);As brave as a lion.
  2. kharaja ‘l-insa_nu min da_rihi, wa baraza ‘l-shuja_’u min makmanihi.
    (خرج الإنسان من داره برز الشجاع من مكمنه); The man exited his home, while the hero appeared from his secret hideout.
  3. man a_ta_hu ‘llahu ma_lan , tlam yu’addi zaka_tahu , muththila lahu yawm ‘l-qiya_mati shuja_’un ‘aqra’…
    (من آتاه الله مالا ، فلم يؤد زكاته مثل له يوم القيامة شجاعا أقرع ، له زبيبتان ، يطوقه يوم القيامة); He who is given wealth by God, and does not give the charity due on it , it will come to him on the day of judgment in the form of a bald snake… – Bukhari from Abu hurayrah.



The three letter base (ش ج ع) carries the meanings of audacity and boldness in approach. [Ibn Fa_ris, Maqa_yi_s al-lugha]


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