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April 8, 2007

(دكان) Dukka_n – Arabic Word A Day

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(دكان) Dukka_n, noun


  1. store
  2. shop


  1. dakhaltu ‘l-dukka_na
    (دخلت الدكان);
    I entered the store.
  2. ishtaraytu min dukka_ni ‘l-dhahabi kha_timan
    (اشتريت من دكان الذهب خاتما);
    I bought a ring from the gold shop.


(دكان) Dukka_n comes from the word (دكّ) dakka, which connotes the meaning of equilibrium and flatness; a (دكان) Dukka_n was a shop with a flat roof suitable for sitting on.

Other words are often used to mean “shop” such as (حانوت) Hanu_t or (محل) maHall. A (حانوت) Hanu_t in the Arabic language is defined as (دكان الخمّار) dukka_n ‘l-khamma_r, i.e. a liquor store, while (محلّ) maHall literally means “a place”. Others words are used synonymously as well, such as (متجر) matjar.


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