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April 11, 2007

(شمعة) Sham’ah – Arabic Word A Day

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(شمعة) shamatun, noun, pl. (شمعات) sham’a_tun



  1. candle



  1. hadhihi sham’atun
    (هذه شمعة);
    This is a candle.
  2. idha_ inqaTa’at ‘l-kahraba_’u nastakhdimu al-shama_t
    (إذا انقطعت الكهرباء ، نستخدم الشمعات);
    When the electricity goes out, we use candles.



(شمعة) shamatun is the word for candle which comes from the word (شمع) sham’un meaning wax. This latter word is also used for candle colloquially, the plural being (شموع) shumu’un.


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