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April 14, 2007

(أطروحة) uTru_Hah – Arabic Word A Day

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(أطروحة) uTru_Hah, noun pl. (أطاريح) aTa_ri_H


  1. thesis
  2. dissertation
  3. paper


  1. qaddama uTru_Hatahu li nayli darajati ‘l-ma_jastayr
    (قدّم أطروحته لنيل درجة الماجستير);
    He presented his thesis to earn a Master’s degree.
  2. Hadha ‘l-kita_bu asluhu uTru_Hatun…
    (هذا الكتاب أصله أطروحة…);
    This book is originally a dissertation…


A modern word, from the word (طرح) TarH, which means to throw out or fling, it was then used to mean present, and from this secondary meaning the word (أطروحة) was taken.


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