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May 14, 2007

(وَ) wa – Arabic Word A Day

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(وَ) wa, particle


  1. and
  2. (to make an oath)
  3. (to start a sentence)


  1. ayna khalid wa fa_Timah
    (أين خالد وفاطمة);
    Where  are khalid and fatima?
  2. walla_hi lam af’al!
    (والله لم أفعل);
    I swear to God I didn’t do it!
  3. wa lakin lima_dha_?
    (ولكن لماذا);
    …but why?


Besides meaning “and” (وَ) is used as an introductory word for a new sentence, somewhat equivalent of a period, except that here it comes at the beginning of a new sentence. Other usages include to instigate an oath, as in example 2.


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