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May 28, 2007

(قلق) – qalaq, qaliq – Arabic Word A Day

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(قلق) – qalaq, qaliq noun


  1. anxiety
  2. to be anxious, worried



  1. uSi_ba ‘l-Tiflu bi ‘l-ru’bi wa ‘l-qalaq.
    (أصيب الطفل بالرعب والقلق);
    The child was striken with fear and anxiety.
  2. Ana qaliqun jiddan ba’da ‘l-Ha_dith.
    (أنا قلق جدا بعد الحادث)
    I am quite worried after the accident.



Notice that this post contains two words; both are spelled the same. The only difference between them is that one possessed a (فتحة) on the letter (لام), and the other a (كسرة). The former is used to describe a feeling, while the latter a person sensing that feeling.



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