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June 30, 2007

(تعال) – Arabic Word A Day

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(تعال) – ta’a_la, fem. (تعالـَيْْ) – ta’a_lay


  1. come (as a command or request)


  1. ya_ muHammad, ta’a_la huna_
    (يا محمد ، تعال هنا);
    Muhammad, come here!
  2. ya_ fa_Timah, ta’a_lay bi sur’ah.
    (يا فاطمة ، تعالي بسرعة);
    Fatimah, come quickly!


Common usage of the feminine for “ta’a_la” is “ta’a_li_”. While this is common, it is not the classical pronounciation of the word.


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