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July 14, 2007

(فصل) – Fasl – Arabic Word A Day

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(فصل) – faSl – noun – Pl. (فصول) fuSu_l


  1. section, part, chapter
  2. season
  3. classroom


  1. tajidu kala_mahu fi ‘l-faSli ‘l-tha_ni min ‘l-kita_b
    (تجد كلامه في الفصل الثاني من الكتاب);
    You’ll find his speech in the second section of the book.
  2. dakhalna_ faSla ‘l-rabi_’
    (دخلنا فصل الربيع);
    We’ve entered spring.
  3. al-Tulla_bu fi ‘l-faSli
    (الطلاب في الفصل);
    The students are in the classroom.


The three letter root (ف ص ل) gives the meaning of distinguishing one thing from another, as well as separating it from something else. From this root comes the name FaySal, which means a judge. From this root comes the word “mifSal” which is a name for the tongue (in that through its use speech is distinguished) and is also the word for a joint. [ibn fa_ris, Maq_yi_s al-Lugha]


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